what is five ply design and why do we matter?

Five Ply Design is a multi-discipline design studio based in Seattle, Washington. Our name reflects our commitment to viewing design and creative problem solving from multiple perspectives and scales. While many traditional design firms rely on a single approach to design resolution, Five Ply Design embraces the full spectrum of design sensibilities in order to solve our clients needs in thoughtful and beautiful ways. As our name implies, we at Five Ply Design do design; our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible design solutions at any scale in a professional, timely and meaningful way.

Our small team consists of both designers and builders and we work collaboratively with many professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design and construction, in order to provide seamless integration of design disciplines and skill sets. Five Ply Design is dedicated to providing the best design solution for our clients - aesthetically as well as environmentally.

Good • Clean • Design

That is what we are all about.

peter benarcik, founder + design director


We like to work with great ideas- whether that comes from individuals or large corporations. Here is a sampling of who we have been lucky to work with and to create wonderful solutions.


in addition to our design and fabrication services,

we produce a line of handcraft home accessories

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